‘Arrow’ – Episode 1×14 “The Odyssey” – Recap

We start with Moira staring down Arrow’s weapon. He wants to know where her kidnapped husband, Walter, is being held. She knows nothing. Moira gets on her knees and begs for her life by talking about how much she loves her children. Arrow lowers his bow and she grabs a gun and fires at him. He is hit and bleeding badly, but gets away.

In the parking garage, Felicity Smoak gets into her car and sees the wounded Arrow there. She is startled but he reveals that he is Oliver. “Everything about you just became so unbelievably clear,” she says. I am glad they are making her into a more significant character.

The OdysseyFelicity takes Oliver back to the Arrow hideout where Digg is waiting. Digg has some medical training from his army days and gets to work trying to save the life of the unconscious Oliver.

We flash to the island, where Slade is training Oliver. Slade says they have 10 days until they have to be ready to take the island landing strip so they can escape. The training is intense. Oliver’s job is to take out a guard in a tower who is surrounded by bulletproof glass. That means this will be a hand-to-hand kill.

Oliver and Slade are moving across the island when Oliver steps on an old land mine. Some bad guy soldiers approach and Slade has to hide. Oliver puts on a mask that makes him resemble the soldiers. They drop their guard and Slade jumps out. He quickly kills them and uses one of their bodies to keep the mine from blowing up.

Edward Fyers, the man leading the island bad guys, is chatting with Yao Fei. Edward mentions a woman who will be safe if Yao Fei continues to work with him. So, that is why Yao Fei changed sides. Deathstroke is there too, which must mean Slade was telling the truth when he said he and Deahtstroke were two different people.

That night, Slade tells Oliver that Deathstroke’s real name is Billy Wintergreen (the name of a character associated with Slade Wilson and Deathstroke in the DC comics). Slade and Billy used to be partners, but Billy turned when they got captured by Fyers.

Back in the present, Digg has stitched Oliver up and it looks like he will survive. Digg and Felicity are chatting while they wait for Oliver to wake up. She is clearly ready to be part of the team.

The OdysseyOn the island, it is time to take the landing strip. Slade uses a sniper rifle and sword to take out bad guys while Oliver heads to the bulletproof tower. The guy inside has a radio. If he contacts the other bad guys, the plan will fail. Oliver bursts in but the guard gets the drop on him. Oliver isn’t nearly the trained killing machine that he will one day be. The guard looks like he is about to kill Oliver, but Slade manages to save the day. Oliver sees a phone and uses it to call Laurel, who he has been constantly thinking about since he got to the island. Before he can speak, Slade rips the phone out.

The plane is about to arrive but there is a passcode that must be given. Slade doesn’t know what to say but Oliver recognizes it as a quote from Shakespeare’s The Odyssey. He provides the proper reply and the plane is going to land.

Once they get off the island, Slade wants to radio in an airstrike to kill Fyers and his men. Oliver says they can’t do that because it will also kill Yao Fei. Salde says the plane will arrive in 3 hours and he is leaving when it gets there. Oliver goes to save Yao Fei and hopes he can make it back in time.

At Arrow’s hideout, Felicity and Digg are still chatting as they watch Oliver, who is hooked up to all kinds of medical machines. Digg tells a story about his time in the army. He defends what he and Oliver are doing as vigilantes, and it seems to make sense.

Oliver finds Yao Fei and begs him to leave. Yao Fei says he cannot because of… someone. Just then, Fyers comes into the tent and Yao Fei knocks Oliver out. Oliver is again Fyers’ captive. They take Oliver outside where Deathstroke starts beating him up. Fyers says it is time for Oliver to die.

A series of explosions go off and the soldiers scatter. Slade jumps out and gets in a brutal fight with Wintergreen/Deathstroke. Slade wins and kills his former partner. Just then. Fyers shoots Slade, but Oliver grabs his friend and takes him to safety. Along the way, Oliver successfully battles a guard and wins, showing that he is slowly learning the skills that will make him into the lethal Arrow. Overhead, the plane flies off. “There goes our ride,” says the wounded Slade.

Fyers gets on a satellite phone to the man who hired him to take the island. The man is frustrated that it is taking so long to get rid of Slade Wilson. The man asks about Yao Fei and Fyers says he has gotten Yao Fei to cooperate. Fyers then lets Yao Fei spend a few minutes with his daughter, who is Fyers’ captive. We see that the daughter has a tattoo on her back of a red dragon.

Time to head back to the present. Oliver wakes up to see Digg and Felicity over him. “I guess I didn’t die,” he says. “Cool.” Oliver asks Felicity if she will join their team. She refuses but says she will help them to find Oliver’s missing step-father Walter.

Felicity leaves, allowing Dig and Oliver to talk more about Moira. Oliver knows she is wrapped up in all this, but he still thinks she is innocent at heart. He say something different in her when she begged for her life. Digg is unconvinced still. The camera shows us Oliver’s back and we see the same Red Dragon tattoo that Yao Fei’s daughter had.

Back at the Queen mansion, Oliver goes to comfort his shaken mother. She says she thought that Arrow was going to kill her. Oliver promises her that Arrow will never bother her again.

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  • cheri

    This episode was not one of my favorites. I like seeing more of the present and to see them go after the people on the list. I’m excited to see a little more of Felicity, and I think she is going to end up working with them even after they find Walt. I watched this with my DISH Hopper since it can record up to six shows at once during primetime hours. I was working my shift at DISH last night, so it was nice to know I wouldn’t have any DVR conflicts while I was gone.