Felicity Smoak To Be Played By Emily Bett Rickards

emily-bett-rickards-as-felicity-smoak-arrowEmily Bett Rickards has won herself the role of Felicity Smoak in the CW series Arrow, which will be coming to our screens in October.

Felicity Smoak is known in the DC Comics Universe for being the mother of Firestorm.

The character debuted as an antagonist who sued the hero, later unwittingly marrying his alter ego Ronnie Raymond’s father.

“First day on the set of #Arrow today? Dont mind if I do,” tweeted Rickards.

The actress will make her first appearance on Arrow in the third episode, which is the same episode that we’ll get our first look at Michael Rowe as Deadshot.

The character of Firestorm isn’t considered to be a good fit for the show. So only his mother Felicity Smoak will be appearing. Star Stephen Amell has said that Arrow is set in a world without superpowers.

Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg recently revealed that the series will stick closely to hero Oliver Queen’s liberal roots.