Fight crime like the Green Arrow

There are so many theories as to how the Green Arrow started fighting crime. The most basic one is he is a wealthy playboy who got stuck on island when the ship he was on sunk. It killed everyone else in the ship except him so he Gallerywas lucky enough to survive. While on the island, he learned how to survive on his own as well as using a bow and arrow. A few weeks later, a cruise ship arrived and he thought they were there to rescue him. He found out they were drug people and he took everyone out using his bow and arrow. After that, he called himself the Green Arrow and he had a sidekick called the Red Arrow. He is basically a carbon copy of Robin Hood since they are both colored green. Green Arrow’s name is Oliver Queen and there are three stories as to how he became a vigilante. It is pretty obvious the bad guys are going to be on the lookout because they don’t know when he is going to strike. He can be anywhere and can pop up when you least expect it. He suffered a lot in his life as he has nothing left after his parents died. It was a good thing he decided to fight to end crime. The green suit he wore is something he made so that he won’t get recognized while he hunts for food. It is hard enough to survive in the jungle and it is even harder to do it by yourself so you have to give him mad props for doing that. The men who raised him to become a crime fighter would always differ and it would depend on who you ask. The latest version had Brave Bow do it and he was also the one who gave his sidekick the name Speedy because of how fast he is. It is not like he is faster than a locomotive like Superman but he can be faster than what you would expect as now you see him and the next moment he is gone.


It is definitely confusing to keep on changing how a hero came to be but as long as he is fighting crime then it won’t matter. The first one had him taking down a group of drug guys and taking their money to use it to fund his crime fighting materials. It did not really seem right that they would do that since they could have used the money to escape out of the island and live a new life. They really had a good heart in order to make a decision like that. You would have to think that Roy could have done something different with the money like buying Sex Art or something but he chose to do it for the good of fighting crime. It really does not say why he suddenly chose to fight crime. Did he suddenly decide that out of the blue? There was only one instant where he fought crime and he suddenly got addicted to it?

There was nothing there that said there was foul play when his parents got killed and he did not have anything in his childhood that could have prompted that to happen. Whatever the reason may be, he is now the crime fighting Green Arrow and that won’t change anytime soon. There was a good reason why they decided to alter the original version and that is because it really does not sound believable. The Green Arrow does not have any superhuman power of being able to transform himself into some kind of brute force with unbelievable strength or the ability of being invisible to hear what the other side is up to.